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DAVID SALA The Chess Player, Casterman 2022 Original cover of the box for the luxury edition of the album. Signed. Watercolor and colored inks on paper 72.5 × 49 cm (28.54 × 19.29 in.) This year, with the idea of creating a deluxe edition of my graphic novel The Chess Player, published in 2017, Casterman Editions proposed me to create a new image. Not a cover image, but a real set that should dress the three sides of the sleeve containing the album. I wanted to move away from the original cover, a view of the promenade deck of the liner, by working in the opposite way in the closed room of Mr. B's hotel. It is a drawing in direct color, the technique is simple: a pencil drawing and then the coloring with watercolor. The greatest difficulty of watercolor is that there is no possibility of repentance. At the slightest mistake you have to start over! It is therefore a technique that requires precision and patience. As in the album, there is no drop shadow, the contrast is born from the differences of tints and gradations that allow me to shape my image. A way for me to move away from a certain realism to give my images a particular vibration. David Sala
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