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EMMANUEL LEPAGE L'île Vierge - Un phare dans les yeux by Emmanuel Lepage, Locus Solus 2022 Original cover. Signed. Watercolor on paper 73 × 53.8 cm (28.74 × 21.18 in.) The great difficulty of drawing a lighthouse in ashlar is that it is a cylinder, and each stone must be rigorously fitted to an ellipse, which becomes distorted the further away from the horizon line you are. So yes, today, there are digital tools that model all this in 3D and there is "only" to do. Alas, I don't master these tools and I didn't think to ask for advice to competent friends. So, the old-fashioned way, I drew each stone in perspective, spending hours rounding them off little by little. A long, tedious but necessary job. I have more fun in the choice of colors, namely a ratio of complementary colors that I like to use a lot: green and red that give - I think - this strangeness of an evening landscape that stretches. I also like to imagine a view from the wing of a gannet, to give depth. In drawing, everything is possible. Emmanuel Lepage
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