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PHILIPPE XAVIER CROISADE The Qua'dj (T.2), Le Lombard 2008 Original cover. Signed. India ink and blue pencil on paper 32.9 × 48.3 cm (12.95 × 19.02 in.) Croisade is the moment when the collaboration between Philippe Xavier and his scriptwriter Jean Dufaux enters in symbiosis. It is a story full of noise and fury, sustained by an almost mystical energy. We can feel this in Philippe Xavier's drawing. His line is fast, precise and nervous. Inhabited. Accuracy of attitudes, dazzling and detailed settings, Philippe Xavier is a modern classic: he is in the same age group as Mathieu Lauffray, influenced like him by contemporary American comics. But, Belgian tropism obliges, he is a kind of missing link between the Hermann generation and the Bablet generation.
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