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JEAN-PIERRE GIBRAT THE FLIGHT OF THE BIRD (T.1), Dupuis 2002 Original plate n° 18. Signed. Acrylic inks and watercolor on paper 31.2 × 40.7 cm (12.28 × 16.02 in.) Mythical sequence from the first volume of The Flight of the Raven. The date is June 18, 1944. The date is not there by chance: June 18 is the date of De Gaulle's speech on the BBC in 1940, while 1944 is the year of the Liberation of France. A moment full of hope, which ends however for Jeanne in the terrible jails of the Gestapo. For his part, François is also there. But for less glorious facts: he is a burglar. Their destiny will soon be linked: they escape together from the prison on the occasion of an alarm. The escapade is done by the roofs of Paris that the monte-en-l'air practices rather well. A little less Jeanne, who wakes up with a lost shoe while the sun rises, majestic, on the capital. Admire the vertiginous play of the camera, which implacably overhangs the couple, and then gets closer to them to finish in a slight low angle. The rays of daylight slowly awaken the city still bathed in the cool of the night. The tints are all in softness, dispensing harmoniously cold and warm colors. The scene is so striking that the author used it for the cover of the album. There are elements that are immediately attractive to set a scene. The roofs of Paris for example, it is romantic as a moonlit night or snow. In this page, the night is about to fall, only the snow is missing, but it was already dangerous enough as it is, this little escapade on the roofs, if I add a little snow it's a blow to lose my characters before the end of the story Jean-Pierre Gibrat
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