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PATRICE PELLERIN THE SPHERVIER Corsair du Roy (T.8), Quadrants 2012 Original plate n° 5. Signed. India ink on paper 38.5 × 50 cm (15.16 × 19.69 in.) Two parallel actions are intertwined in this plate, where the cruelty of the torture scene is amplified by the black shadows cast by the lantern and the unusual image of Yann's head hanging upside down. At the same time, in the harbor of Brest, whose immensity can be guessed, Caroff in the small boat moves away from the Medusa moored to his trunk. The simultaneity of the two scenes underlines the contrasts. And the brief breath brought by this great marine view, makes the return to the bowels of the rock even more oppressive and sinister. The torture has changed. And the attitude of Aude de Séverac, whose hand almost voluptuously caresses the bruised flesh of Yann, is quite ambiguous. Patrice Pellerin
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