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HERGÉ TINTIN The Temple of the Sun (T.14), Casterman 1949 Original case published in the newspaper Tintin Belge on May 29, 1947. India ink and graphite on paper 8.8 × 11 cm (3.46 ×4.33 in.) NIGHTMARE SCENE Published (in Belgium) in the weekly magazine Tintin between September 26, 1946 and April 22, 1948, the story, which will be published in a 62-page album in 1949, under the title Le Temple du Soleil (The Temple of the Sun), originally extended over 75 pages presented in Italian style. In the meantime, it will have undergone a considerable number of changes to "fit the mold". In particular, Hergé modified the sequence of Tintin's nightmare in the "chulpa", published on 29 May 1947. Better than Smith and Smith : Hergé and Herget! In March 1946, at the time to undertake the continuation of the 7 Crystal Balls in view of its publication in the "newspaper" Tintin, six months later, Hergé had tried to gather a maximum of documentation on Peru and the Incas. As his editor had proved unable to help him, he had sent his collaborator Edgar P. Jacobs to transfer images in the works that he could consult in the library of the Museums of Art and History, in Brussels. In addition, the creator of Tintin had, among other interesting elements, an issue of the prestigious National Geographic Magazine, dating from February 1938. It contained an article on the Incas richly illustrated by a certain Herbert M. Herget - it is not invented - on which he had promised to lean attentively. He will indeed resort to the illustrations of Herget in order to ensure the credibility of a good number of vignettes published in the original version. Not only for the sequence of the nightmare of the hero, which holds our attention here, but also for all those which will take place in the Temple of the Sun, in the last part of the episode. [...] Please refer to the catalog or to the PDF of the sale to read the rest of the commentary
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