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ANA MIRALLES DJINN Dargaud The goddess Anaktu awaits her warriors, original illustration made in 2022, published in Ana by Daniel Maghen in 2022. Signed. Watercolor and pencil on paper 37.8 × 48.2 cm (14.88 × 18.98 in.) A watercolor in chiaroscuro, straight from the African world of Djinn. The geometric patterns of this background, Ana Miralles has undoubtedly diverted them from the wall of a vase or the fold of a cloth from the dark continent: while remaining faithful to the culture she depicts, the artist takes pleasure in blurring the sources of her decorations. Here, we are far from the fettered Jade that, in a similar context, adorns the cover of Africa, volume five of the saga. In addition to her white tattoos - drowned in the half-light to better bring out the glow on her fair skin - the artist has adorned her like an idol. Yes, she is less Jade than Anaktu, the goddess who offers herself to males and exhausts them, all of them, from the sorcerer to the young warriors. Anaktu waits for her lovers, superhuman, curious and calm, as masterful as a cobra. Her golden sceptre, lying on the ground, is only the sign of a temporary abandonment. And the two scarlet feathers on top of her temples seem to be the antennae of a magnificent and mysterious butterfly.
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