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ANA MIRALLES DJINN Kim Nelson (T.13), Dargaud Original illustration for a cover project done in 2016, published in Ana by Daniel Maghen in 2022. Signed. Watercolor and pencil on paper 45.5 × 58 cm (17.91 × 22.83 in.) "And I will be naked Naked To you For you." This promise to Jade, Kim Nelson made in the final pages of the album bearing her name. And her nudity is featured on the cover. Logical? Not so simple. It can emanate as much sensual emotion from a clothed body as from a naked one. Look at the Maja desnuda and the Maja vestida, the two famous paintings by Goya: of this duo of women with the same pose, the same body, the same teasing smile, one clothed and the other unclothed, which one carries the most troubling promises? Like the Spanish master, two centuries apart, Ana Miralles has chosen a similar setting for Kim, and a pose similar to those on the album. But she has dressed her, covering her forms with a light veil. Will the djinn keep it for long? To read her look, to contemplate her naked foot playing with an orange carpet of marigolds, one can bet that she won't. "And I will be naked Naked To you For you " All is in the waiting.
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