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ANA MIRALLES DJINN Pipiktu (T.7), Dargaud 2007 Original plate n° 21 with its ten preparatory steps in graphite on tracing paper. Signed. Watercolor and India ink on paper 32 × 41.5 cm (12.6 × 16.34 in.) "She is the goddess who takes and exhausts to the last. This sentence by Jean Dufaux concentrates all the force of the present double plate, extracted from Pipiktu, volume 7 of Djinn - key album of the African cycle of the series. Jade has just earned her goddess' stripes. Every night, she drinks the potion of oblivion, offers herself to the sorcerer and extinguishes in turn the desire of the warriors grouped in a patient pack at the threshold of her hut. Here, as with Hugo Pratt or Sergio Leone, the management of the silent shots is exemplary: the paroxysm, as it should be, can only be expressed through silence. But there is an intensity of fire-red and night-blue in these images, a blue that is, according to Roland Barthes, the "superlative state of red". Entering the hut where the goddess is going to take him and exhaust him, each man plants his assegai in the ground. That night, the last silent shot of the episode counts about twenty of these throwing weapons. So, an orgy in the broadest sense? Maybe, but it's more of a sacred prostitution than a Stakhanovist punishment - the one that the strange favorite Arbacane will undergo in volume 12 of the next cycle, after her downfall. The play of light and the throbbing rhythm are the strength of these two plates.
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