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JEAN-CLAUDE FOURNIER SPIROU AND FANTASIO Beans everywhere (T.29), Dupuis 1980 Original plate n° 12, prepublished in the Journal de Spirou n° 2151 of July 5, 1979. Signed. India ink on paper 33.6 × 44.2 cm (13.23 × 17.4 in.) Caught in the crossfire. Pretending to be an inspector general of the mafia, of which he is the look-alike, Fantasio risks getting into trouble. What an idea also to want to walk alone, in the city, in the morning. In this plate, extracted from the episode Beans everywhere, the military junta led by Kodo, a tyrant manipulated by the crime syndicate, and a troop of rebels from the opposite camp decide to kidnap him. In a few sets, a few repartees between his characters, Jean-Claude Fournier sets up his "little paper theater". I like the box with Spirou and the little revolutionary Ava Savati, the monkey that reminds me of Franquin's Bravo les Brothers. The place is not really located, it's basically what we call the Golden Triangle. While being pure invention, the penultimate square reflects a whole atmosphere. It's a cocktail of the different architectures of this region. At the time, I had to leaf through a few issues of National Geographic, which was an inexhaustible source of documentation. J.-C.F.
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