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JEAN-CLAUDE FOURNIER SPIROU AND FANTASIO Dupuis Original cover of the newspaper Spirou n°1688 of August 20, 1970. Signed. India ink and watercolor on paper 25.4 × 32.4 cm (10 × 12.76 in.) Glucose for Noémie begins in Japan. After diving from a bridge into the sea to retrieve a box supposedly containing a mushroom destined for Champignac, Fantasio has dried his clothes on the branch of a tree. Unluckily, one of the henchmen of the "Triangle" surprises him and steals the container and his clothes. He then finds refuge with Ka Pou and tells his story. Moved and very romantic, Ka Pou Pé, the daughter of the house, starts to cry. Her father, Kapouyo, offers Fantasio his ceremonial kimono. After having indulged in Ka Pou's delights [!], Fantasio joins Spirou and Spip in the hall of the Tokyo airport. Spirou finds his friend pretty as anything, but perfectly ridiculous. Fantasio, furious, has a fit and becomes all red. He even smokes, literally, with anger. He hates it when people make fun of him! J.-C.F.
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