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JEAN-CLAUDE FOURNIER SPIROU AND FANTASIO The Gri-gri of Niokolo-koba (T.25), Dupuis 1974 Original cover project. Signed. Watercolor, Indian ink and gouache on paper 18 × 24.2 cm (7.09 × 9.53 in.) It all began in 1972 with a promotional operation organized by François Mériel, one of the managers of Dupuis for France. The winners were offered a trip to Senegal to visit the Niokolo-Koba National Park. As a regular cartoonist for Spirou, Jean-Claude Fournier offers to accompany them. He who has never visited Africa seizes a great opportunity to discover new horizons, its inhabitants, its fauna, its flora. A revelation for the Breton, who quickly fell under the spell of the black continent. Afterwards, he returned there nearly fifteen times, taking part in various training courses for teachers, pedagogues and students. All this after having devoted an entire album to the "gri-gri" of Niokolo-Koba, a zany tale in which magical diamonds make living beings appear or disappear. The story appears in the newspaper Spirou between October 1973 and March 1974. The album will be released in the same period. For his cover project, the artist composes a beautiful bush scene. I have never been asked to provide a model. Usually the first project I submitted was the right one. Here, for Le Gri-gri du Niokolo-Koba, I used a bit of gouache in order to emphasize this sunset. In the tropics, it goes very fast, you hardly have time to realize that it is already dark. J.-C.F.
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