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JUAN GIMENEZ THE CASTE OF THE META-BARONS Oda la Bisaïeule (T.4), Les Humanoïdes Associés 1997 Original cover. Signed. Mixed media on paper 29.8 × 43.3 cm (11.73 × 17.05 in.) In this portrait of Oda the Bisaia, the tragic destiny of the Meta-Baron Caste is determinedly affirmed. In Jodorowsky's work, the spirit is the body, and the body is spirit; the mineral is organic and the organic intimately mixed with the mineral. There is no present: it is only a bridge between the past and the future; death is indistinct from life. Oda is the instrument of the revenge of the Meta-Baron, destined to give birth to the hermaphrodite who will rule the universe. Gimenez knew how to give this portrait, thanks to this armor and its exoskeleton, a baroque or even mystical dimension to the exalted universe of Jodorowsky. However, the initiated reader wonders: is it really Oda in this veiled look, or the spirit of Honorata who has taken his place?
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