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EMMANUEL LEPAGE La Terre sans Mal, Dupuis 1999 Original plate n°15. Signed. Watercolor and India ink on paper 33 × 46.2 cm (12.99 × 18.19 in.) This page of the Earth without Evil is one of the very first. I'm still trying to figure out what a "direct color" comic book means after ten albums, where the color was done separately by a colorist. A comic strip where all my attention was focused on the accuracy of the black line. I am looking for both my color range and the place of the line in this new way of approaching comics. It is not easy to get rid of "one's" line when it comes to thinking differently. The flat black is still very present. It is however on this page that I begin to "feel" something else, another way. Particularly on the first two images. Another path is proposed. It is still vague, it will take another two or three pages for this very evolving book to find its "voice". This board is a transition to a drawing that was mine for a long time, until I switched to documentary comics, but that's another story. Emmanuel Lepage
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