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JIJÉ JERRY SPRING La Fille du Canyon (T.16), Dupuis 1977 Original plate n°27, prepublished in Le Journal de Spirou n°1991 of June 10, 1976. India ink on paper 44.3 × 54.5 cm (17.44 × 21.46 in.) What is striking about Jijé is first of all the quality of his inking, combining pen and brush, fast, vigorous, efficient, generous in the blacks. Then in the framing. In this scenario by Philippe Gillain, Sancho has succeeded in making his friend escape. But he has no illusions: the operation is doomed to failure, especially since Jerry Spring is exhausted. The scene is simple, with its alternation of close-ups and wide shots, its interior monologue evacuating any decor, until the cliffhanger of the last square: who falls on them? Their pursuers? The grammar is perfect.
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