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MATHIEU LAUFFRAY LONG JOHN SILVER Neptune (T.2), Dargaud 2008 Original plate n°30, accompanied by its setting in colors on grey with acrylic ink on paper. Signed. India ink and white gouache highlights on paper 42 × 55 cm (16.54 × 21.65 in.) Colorization: 29 × 38.2 cm (11.42 × 15.04 in.) There is undoubtedly brilliance in the work of Mathieu Lauffray. First in his pen-and-ink technique, brushed with rich brushstrokes, whose cleverly rhythmic strokes manage the light in a masterly way. Then in the composition and the framing, where the wide shots of this plate, stuck in a succession of tight shots, highlight a raw and striking dialogue, arm wrestling between Long John Silver and his sponsor who is far from having a hold on him, and vice versa. Brilliant. An important scene. A face to face between Long John and Lady Hastings at a crucial moment. One of those moments when the situation can degenerate badly. At this point, Long John is in check, but, from his point of view of course, if he doesn't find a solution nobody will. And yet, Lady Hastings, this false aristocrat in search of an inheritance will stand up to him, and even bring him a solution that only she could envisage. In doing so, she wins her place and demonstrates her courage and determination. Moused but impressed, Long John will never look down on her again. Mathieu Lauffray
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