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JACQUES MARTIN ALIX The Lost Legions (T.6), Casterman 1965 Original plate n°59 prepublished in Le Journal de Tintin n°770 of July 25, 1963. India ink on paper 37 × 48.5 cm (14.57 × 19.09 in.) Jacques Martin's graphic grammar has evolved over time. From the first Alix to the marvelous Golden Sphinx, which follows in the footsteps of Jacobs, our self-taught artist is looking for his way. On Alix as on Lefranc, the drawing in the 1950s is really Jacobsian, in the right line of the School of Brussels impelled by Hergé, of which he was a member of the studio during 19 years. The creator of Blake and Mortimer did not take long to make eyes at him and the two men agreed to develop their respective styles in different directions. This gives a more realistic, but above all more personal style that we will see emerge in The Lost Legions (1963) and in Guy Lefranc's adventure: The Borg Mystery (1964). It remains clear in the narration and in the processes of inking as in the setting in colors (besides assured by the Studio Hergé). But the anatomies are more ingrist, influenced by the draughtsman of Corentin, Paul Cuvelier, and by the ancient statuary. The Martin style was born.
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