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PAUL CUVELIER CORENTIN Le Signe du Cobra (T.5), Le Lombard 1969 (collection jeune Europe) Research for the plate n°2. India ink, graphite, gouache on paper 36.5 × 30 cm (14.37 × 11.81 in.) Exceptional half-plate, partly colored with gouache by the artist. Draft of the final plate. Another much less finished draft of the same plate is reproduced in black in Corentin et les chemins du merveilleux by Philippe Goddin (on page 69). In 1969-70, Paul Cuvelier published consecutively two absolute masterpieces, Le Signe du Cobra, then Le Prince des Sables. His graphic design finds there an unequalled completion, an unheard-of flexibility of line, a complete audacity and freedom. Newly scripted at this time by Jacques Acar and then Jean van Hamme, the Corentin series finds its acme. We note that Cuvelier completely refuses the cutting of the plates, at the time normalized, which was to obey a logic "four bands, or strips, of three drawings". F. G.
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