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TIBET RIC HOCHET The Sword on the Throat (T.27), Le Lombard 1978 Original cover. Signed. India ink and graphite on paper 25.6 × 36.4 cm (10.08 × 14.33 in.) In this episode, one of the most eventful of the saga, Ric Hochet's father, Richard, a retired crook, is back on the job. He multiplies his bad deeds. He can't help it: he literally has "the sword at his throat." Ric Hochet was for years the favorite character of the readers of the newspaper Tintin, never falling out of first place in the referendum. Always impeccable, Tibet's compositions for Ric Hochet's covers synthesize the album, the father/son opposition being orchestrated here under the gaze of the masked crook who "holds" the father to the detriment of the son. The latter must solve a double enigma: guessing who is behind all these actions while finding a way to free his father from the danger that threatens him.
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