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OLIVIER SCHWARTZ AN ADVENTURE OF SPIROU AND FANTASIO, Dupuis Original cover of the newspaper Spirou n°4380 and n°4381 of March 23, 2022, on the occasion of the 100 years of the editions Dupuis. Signed. India ink, blue pencil and red pencil on paper 50 × 34.5 cm (19.69 × 13.58 in.) When Morgan di Salvia contacted me to design the cover for the special 100th anniversary issue of Dupuis, I was not in the best of moods. I was far from having finished the album La Mort de Spirou and I found this order really hasty. Nevertheless, it was a great opportunity and a great chance that many would have dreamed of having. "Do you have the beginnings of an idea? Because right now I don't have much time," I said. Morgan then described his idea to me, which I accepted, no time to ask questions. "Yes, so Spirou and Fantasio arrive in turbotraction at the Dupuis 100th anniversary party, and as it's a double cover, that is to say that the magazine, once unfolded, shows a panoramic image... You see, the idea we had was to have the most emblematic characters appear on the parking lot." After all, this idea was worth another and I set to work... Olivier Schwartz
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