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MATTHIEU BONHOMME LUCKY LUKE (AS SEEN BY...) Wanted Lucky Luke, Lucky Comics Tribute to Lucky Luke against Joss Jamon, original unpublished illustration made in 2021. Signed. India ink and watercolor inks on paper 41.3 × 55 cm (16.26 × 21.65 in.) Very nice tribute by Matthieu Bonhomme to one of the mythical covers of Morris for Lucky Luke against Joss Jamon, the eleventh album of the lucky cowboy, and the second signed by Goscinny. A transitional album and without doubt one of the best of the series. The characters are not yet villains "à la Goscinny", i.e. ridiculous, more stupid than formidable. Whether it's Pete the indecisive (who borrows his features from René Goscinny himself), Sam the farmer, Bill the cheat or Jamon himself, they are real tough guys. Two details differ from the original: the hats of the protagonists don't jump up and down, because Bonhomme's graphic approach is less cartoonish, more realistic; the poster, which is originally an election poster for Joss Jamon, is here replaced by the word "Wanted", the title of Matthieu Bonhomme's latest Lucky Luke. In addition to the story, I've always loved the cover of the Morris album: Lucky Luke vs. Joss Jamon. Having used this whole gang of thugs in my cover, I had to go all the way with the tribute. I obviously adapted this cover to the content of my story. But one important thing remains, a trait of Lucky Luke's character that is not so often featured: his sense of humor. It was a pleasure to put my watercolors to illustrate his phlegmatic attitude in front of the appalled faces of this band of idiots! Matthieu Bonhomme
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