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MATTHIEU BONHOMME CHARLOTTE EMPRESS The Princess and the Archduke (T.1), Dargaud 2018 Original plate n°6. Signed. India ink on paper 34.9 × 46.9 cm (13.74 × 18.46 in.) The alliance between Fabien Nury - prodigy scriptwriter of Tyler Cross, The Death of Stalin and Once Upon a Time in France - and Matthieu Bonhomme, one of the most elegant cartoonists of his generation, has obviously caused a sensation, especially when it came to realizing in comics the biography of the daughter of the first king of the Belgians. Charlotte, promised to the future king of Portugal, but who prefers Archduke Maximilian, brother of the Emperor of Austria, the first (and last) emperor of Mexico. This page tells of the first meeting of the future couple. You have to admire how, in this static sequence, by the simple play of dialogues and expressions, the authors manage to build a striking sequence. To make the sublime out of nothing, that's what exceptional creators do. This is the meeting of my two main characters. I wanted them to be elegant and borrowed, in a romantic setting, which will serve as a set for the first act of this cynical, political-grotesque comedy, of which they are the willing actors. It is on this page that I really developed the faces of each one. Matthieu Bonhomme
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