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PATRICE PELLERIN RED BARBE The Jamaican rebels (T.25), Novedi 1987 Original plate n°45. Signed. India ink on paper 40.1 × 50.3 cm (15.79 × 19.8 in.) This plate represents Eric and Redbeard, who will become respectively Yann de Kermeur and Caroff, a few months later. An extra scar on Eric's face and the trick will be played, with the agreement of the family of Jean-Michel Charlier, deceased. Here is how Patrice Pellerin skilfully moved from one series, Redbeard, to the other, Sparrowhawk. The last panel showing a scene of decapitated and impaled heads had caused a great stir among readers of the series. I don't know exactly when I discovered Patrice Pellerin, probably during a stay in Auray, where I bought a book at the bookstore La Bretagne racontée aux enfants. I had been collecting all the Giraud/Moebius books for a while. When I saw the cover of this book and leafed through it, I found a drawing that was both academic and very accurate, but also lively and energetic. It was about the great heroes of Brittany, such as du Guesclin or Vercingetorix. I was fascinated by his horses, his compositions, the violence of his representations. That's why, a few years later, I think I recognized his touch when I discovered the new Redbeard album in 1983: Trafiquants de bois d'ébène. A tour de force: to manage to almost make us forget Victor Hubinon, whom I thought was unbeatable! Charlier had found a draftsman as strong as Giraud and more meticulous! After two albums and sumptuous gouaches, the coward abandoned one of my favorite series! Since then, the forban has done better, he has managed to reconcile his two passions: Brittany and privateers, being the only master on board! Olivier Schwartz
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