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PATRICE PELLERIN RED BARBE The Jamaican rebels (T.25), Novedi 1987 Original plate n°8. Signed. India ink on paper 40.2 × 50.3 cm (15.83 × 19.8 in.) At the beginning of his career, Patrice Pellerin took over from Jijé to draw Jean-Michel Charlier's scenarios in the Redbeard series. Charlier explains to his readers the choice of Patrice Pellerin: "The exceptional quality of his drawings, his perfectionism and a professional conscience that make him push the sense of detail to the point of meticulousness, not to mention his kindness, have led me to entrust him without hesitation the future of the series. All is said. This plate, very complex to realize, is particularly charged in characters and details. In particular the last panel, which shows a slave sale, gave Patrice Pellerin a hard time: "When Charlier was late with his script delivery, he asked us for very difficult panels to complete to give him time to write the rest! This board required a lot of work from me." My Gifted! When I look at this box of the slave market, I wonder if I would still have the patience to make such a drawing. In any case, I would proceed in the same way, penciling and inking each character as I went along before moving on to the next one, so as not to get lost in a confusing pencil drawing. P.P.
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