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PATRICE PELLERIN THE SPRINGER Sink the Medusa! (T.9), Quadrants 2015 Original plate n°8. Signed. India ink on paper 38.5 × 49 cm (15.16 × 19.68 in.) Yann de Kermeur receives from Louis XV and the Count of Maurepas, Secretary of State for the King's Household and the Navy, his mission order. The scene takes place in the cabinet of the King's Council, the most important political place of the Ancien Régime. One should note the extreme care taken in the reconstruction of the decor and the shimmering costumes. In the first square, a clever play of mirrors allows for the representation of the Hawk three times. Finally, how can we not admire the dexterity of the artist in creating the French-style parquet floor. It's not the first time I've reconstructed this council room, but it's always so long and complicated. It's a flashback of a scene from volume 7. At the time, I had spent a lot of time recreating the carpet that was there. And then, Christian Baulez, one of the former curators of the castle, pointed out to me that since my sequence took place in summer, there was no carpet. Damned! So this time I drew the floor. In the end, the carpet was easier. P.P. Visiting the Palace of Versailles with Patrice is one of the unforgettable moments of our editorial collaboration. Not only because he is a very erudite author but also because his comic book story is always present when he is on a tour. So, he took out his tape measure to measure the furniture he wanted to incorporate into his pages, and I posed in front of a huge fireplace to get the right height ratio that would fit the picture: luckily, I am almost the size of his illustrious character. A real "VIP" visit! Corinne Bertrand, editor of the Hawk series at Quadrants
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