Pellerin PATRICE PELLERIN THE SPHERRY Original... - Lot 74 - Daniel Maghen Enchères et Expertises

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Pellerin PATRICE PELLERIN THE SPHERRY Original... - Lot 74 - Daniel Maghen Enchères et Expertises
Pellerin PATRICE PELLERIN THE SPHERRY Original illustration made in 2021. Signed. Gouache and acrylic inks on paper 58 × 39 cm (22.83 × 15.35 in.) The Sparrowhawk and his faithful right-hand man Caroff (a Redbeard look-alike) are surveying a fishing boat grounding site at low tide. This is an opportunity for Patrice Pellerin to play with the colors of the Breton sky reflected in the puddles, and to work on the movement of the horses and his characters. Here, the starting point of the drawing was an old postcard of boats washed up on the shore and the desire for skies different from my usual colors. And once again my taste for low tides with stagnant water. P.P. Patrice Pellerin is a master. He tackles the novelistic genre par excellence, pirates, privateers, historical and maritime adventures, the call of the sea. Patrice has chosen to do so with the weapons of truth. It is by the line drawn and not thrown, by the verisimilitude that he carries us away. Costumes, ships, accessories, rigging, life on board as on land. Everything he tells is documented, exposed, accurate and the magic takes. It is simply no longer possible to dispute the reality of what he presents to us. Patrice's universe is of oak and granite, of grace too. He neither skirts nor masks, he masters his art. I don't know how to do that, not at all. With me everything is twisted, oriented, overexposed or drowned in the shadow of a chaotic subjectivity. I need the dark, I need to twist reality. Patrice does not, he does clear line. It is an old school, which traces and represents, which describes. It makes choices of course, but does not mask. The rhythms are the fruit of a delicate dosage of details and emptiness, he discards the superfluous and the cymbal blows of his orchestra. I can't do what Patrice Pellerin does and of course, he fascinates me. There is in him, the quiet strength and the elegance of a benevolent pedagogy whose constancy is a mark of courtesy. A master therefore, a comic book out of time and trends, granite. Mathieu Lauffray
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