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PATRICE PELLERIN THE SPRINGER Sink the Medusa! (T.9), Quadrants 2015 Original plate n°17 accompanied by its setting in colors with gouache on grey. Signed. India ink on paper 38.4 × 51 cm (15.12 × 20.08 in.) This plate is typical of Patrice Pellerin's narrative process: to make two diametrically opposed universes cohabit, namely here, the closed world of Versailles and the open sea. The author takes great pleasure in reconstructing the bedroom of King Louis XV, as it was in 1742, with the chest of drawers on the left (now in the Wallace Collection in London) and the painting above the door. Only comics can achieve such a reconstitution, impossible in the cinema. In a page like this one, the use of color takes on its full meaning. It accentuates even more the difference between two worlds. The refined and overloaded with gilding of Versailles, almost suffocating, and that of the wild sea, immense to the infinite. P.P.
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