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PATRICE PELLERIN THE SPRINGER Secret Archives, Dupuis 2006 Original illustration. Signed. Gouache and acrylic inks on paper 32.6 × 43.5 cm (12.83 × 17.13 in.) Two small pirate ships are attacking a merchant ship. Bearing the black flag with the skull and crossbones, they give it no chance, hungry for the booty like hyenas munching on their prey. From the Secret Archives, this naval battle illustrates how Yann de Kermeur was taken prisoner in his youth by pirates, whose life he shared for a few years. This drawing is extremely complex because of the intertwining mizzen sails, the tangled shrouds. A hell of a feat for a realistic artist. It's hard to know how a boarding was really done. We remain in the imagery, even if I tried once again to be as realistic as possible and as rigorous in the representation of the ships. But the wide shot and the blue sky of the Caribbean give an air of softness to what must have been a very savage scene. P.P.
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