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PATRICE PELLERIN THE SPRINGER Sink the Medusa! (T.9), Quadrants 2015 Original plate n°18 accompanied by its setting in colors with gouache on grey. Signed. India ink on paper 38.4 × 49 cm (15.12 × 19.29 in.) Three English ships in pursuit of the Medusa, which can only rely on its speed to escape. This is an opportunity for Patrice Pellerin to draw these ships from bow to stern and to show us the daily life on board, on the officers' deck, alongside the helmsman. We note the astonishing chicken cage located behind the helmsman, used to feed the officers and the sick with white meat. The Sparrowhawk holds in its arms an imposing Octant, a navigation instrument predecessor of the Sextant. The kind of plate I like to make, with alternating wide and tight shots. And, the stasis of the characters talking, contrasts the dynamism created by the movement of the waves and the ships. The challenge here is to go from the technical rigor of the drawing of the ships, which are only machines, to the living side of the characters. Without graphic discontinuity. P.P. Fluidity is a key word for Patrice Pellerin. As his heavy ships glide on the waters of the Atlantic, the reader's eye follows the sequence of boxes without the slightest worry, with greed. The plans are brilliantly diversified. The characters are excellently typified, without excess. With him, a sequence of dialogue becomes exciting to follow graphically. Thierry Robin
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