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PATRICE PELLERIN THE SPRINGER The Tears of Tlaloc (T.6), Dupuis 2005 Original plate n°52, end page, prepublished in Le Journal de Spirou n°3472 of October 27, 2004, accompanied by its setting in colors with the gouache on gray. Signed. India ink on paper 35.7 × 47 cm (14.06 × 18.5 in.) This very moving and romantic plate closes the first cycle of the adventures of L'Épervier. It features an epistolary exchange between Yann de Kermeur and his longtime love: Agnes de Kermellec, who was destined to an unwanted marriage with de Beaucourt. The letter ends with three suspension points, which say a lot and foreshadow the second cycle to come. The last square, superb, shows La Méduse sailing towards new adventures, all sails out. The last plate of an album is always delicate. It is a little it which will determine the mood of the reader when he will close it. Here, a large beach at low tide, a horse, the sea, a boat and the two main characters. As a summary of the series, I see it now with hindsight. A particularity however. For the first time, a bit of magic, symbolized by this mysterious statuette of Tlaloc that sinks into the sea. P.P.
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