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BATEM MARSUPILAMI Traffic in Jollywood (T.12), Marsu Productions 1998 Original cover of the first edition. Signed. India ink and watercolor on paper 25.6 × 21.1 cm (10.08 × 8.31 in.) Why are these wild animals caught in a circle? It is the one drawn by a camera lens. Why does the Marsupilami cling to the spotlight rails? Because the adventure revolves around a sinister animal trafficking operation - perhaps linked to the famous dog food manufacturer Bonekuel - and in any case hidden behind the backdrop of the Californian film capital... "Before his death", Batem tells us, "Franquin had assured the editor that I could master a scenario: 'He has to try. He has the ability and the imagination'. Trafic in Jollywood was my first writing job. A job for Air France had been paid to me in plane tickets. We left for Los Angeles with my wife Joëlle and my parents. My father loved movies. On our return, the subject was obvious... " The elegance, the sobriety and the delicacy of this watercolor translate well the modus operandi of Batem, who certainly let the memories of his trip rest before translating it on paper.
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