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BATEM MARSUPILAMI The gold of Boavista (T.7), Marsu Productions 1992 Project of cover. Signed. Graphite on paper 22.4 × 31.4 cm (8.82 × 12.36 in.) What are the differences between this draft cover and the final version? "First, the breathing," Batem answers. "In the end, on Franquin's good advice, some elements were reduced, like the houses on stilts, the boat from which Noah is waving... And others were removed, like the young Indian Solorio and the lean-to on the left. The water line is raised. The only things left in the foreground are the cans of toxic mercury, the blond Donald Maxwell Trump (this album came out in 1992!) and a Marsupilami who is happy to play the gold digger... Which does not correspond to its moral, nor to the story. Prototype of the cover, this drawing keeps all its quality and all its dynamism: "The magic of the pencil is that it gives the impression of watching the work at work," adds Batem. "When I'm at that stage, I sometimes add a blur. Or push the effects with a black ballpoint pen. Just for the sake of embellishing the design. Some colleagues, and not the least, silhouette their boards. That is to say that they ink on the pencil. Me, I take back on another support, which is like a sketch. Otherwise, my drawing freezes.
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