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BATEM MARSUPILAMI Marsu Productions Coup de fouet, original illustration published by Palombia in 1991 in connection with the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Signed. India ink on paper 38.7 × 48 cm (15.24 × 18.9 in.) The basis for a silkscreen print, this drawing salutes the Belgian release of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the third installment of Steven Spielberg's saga. Batem has typified the setting in the style of his comics: "I was asked for a tribute. So, the Marsupilami imitates with its tail the movement of the whip of Indiana Jones. And they both exchange a look of connivance. The designer added elements, eyes in the holes of greenery, diamonds that an unlikely beast carries - not to mention these mushrooms or skulls growing in herds, this lizard watching the heroes pass, and this carnivorous plant that will inflict a very bad quarter of an hour to its prey! "Indiana Jones, with his gun, the bulging pockets of his safari jacket, his big nose and his hat with a cleverly nibbled brim, fits easily into my graphic universe. When Franquin saw my drawing, he cried out, 'That's exactly it!
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