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BATEM MARSUPILAMI Batem, a life in drawings, Dupuis 2021 Le Soleil se lève, original illustration made in 2016. Signed. Acrylic on paper 82.1 × 65 cm (32.32 × 25.59 in.) At daybreak, in the Palombian forest as elsewhere, under the sheets or the macaw down, children storm the beds of parents still drenched in sleep bubbles. "Notice the wooden handle that controls the closing of the nest with a vine," says Batem. "It is not always present. I make it appear or I remove it according to the needs of the composition. Here, it allows me to furnish the upper part of the illustration. And the perspective I gave it increases the impression of depth of the whole." Marking the dawn, the dominant blue is a choice. "I improvised the background of woven vines. On the left, I made it deliberately abstract." Another sumptuous achievement in acrylic, dictated by pleasure as well as by the desire to explore this technique. And, probably for the first time, the Marsupilami's ear is transformed here into a plaything toy.
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