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BATEM MARSUPILAMI The Tail of the Marsupilami (T.1), Marsu Productions 1987 Original plate n°23. Signed. India ink on paper 34.7 × 46.5 cm (13.66 × 18.31 in.) In the third and fourth panels, the curves of the Marsupilami's tail give a wonderful rhythm to the space: Batem is always attentive to the life and expressiveness of this magical appendage, in the albums as much as in the derivative products. But on this board, whose classic waffle iron is set like a stopwatch, it is the giant piranha simulacrum - the Marsupilami's favorite treat - that immediately catches the eye. "If you think about it," says Batem, "this trap is the mirror image of the nest. Both are attractive, both close... It's the protection and imprisonment that differentiate them. By comparison, Bring and Tapamilastiko's Canadian tent is a little pitiful!" In this album, Batem claims to have crunched at his table no less than one hundred and fifty piranhas - bones included. Franquin chose Batem, and only him, to be the cartoonist who would have the right to take over the Marsupilami. And he taught him, during many long meetings, made of pertinent remarks, sometimes severe corrections, generous advices, precious indications, in short, all the tricks so that the young Batem has all the required qualities, added to his natural talent, to become THE Marsupilami's draftsman. And Franquin, of course, was not mistaken: Luc Batem draws the Marsupilami in total respect of the master's spirit but he has, little by little, "appropriated" the character. The Marsupilami, now, is Batem. He drew more than thirty albums, all of them formidable of humor, freshness, poetry. It is extraordinarily lively, dynamic, in short, full of talent. Thanks Luc, Franquin is certainly very proud of you! Dany
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