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5000 - 7000 EUR
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Result : 16 250EUR
BATEM MARSUPILAMI Marsu Productions Marsugritte, original illustration made in 2015. Signed. Oil on paper 52.3 × 67.6 cm (20.59 × 26.61 in.) This is not a Marsupilami ? This is not a Granny Smith? As with all his tributes to artists - Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Miró, Klee - Batem has seized on René Magritte's archetypes to create a pastiche. But he was careful not to magnify the line: "His work abounds in worked skies, in characters in suspension, in bowler hats... Faithful to my method, I consulted a whole documentation, saw exhibitions, then let it settle before attacking. If the Marsupilami's Oooh! mouth expresses surprise, it's because Magritte's characters are enigmatic, and a smile would have overemphasized the green apple. Batem continues: "In this entire sale, this is the one and only oil. It seemed logical to me to choose the same technique as my inspirer. Besides, the oil allows time: without drier or other additives, it does not set! I was able to get back to working on this sky two days after abandoning it. I think I pulled off a gag in the spirit of Magritte."
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