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BATEM MARSUPILAMI Batem, a life in drawings, Dupuis 2021 La Trêve, original illustration made in 2016. Signed. Acrylic on paper 73 × 36 cm (28.74 × 14.17 in.) Le Défilé du jaguar, the cartoon used as a basis for the comic book of the same title, features a fashion designer determined to get hold of the jaguar's fur - which the Marsupilami immediately decides to rescue. "For me, this argument was terribly lacking in solidity. Impossible to transcribe it as it is in the album", says Batem, who wrote the script. He explains: "The jaguar and the Marsupilami are enemies, period. Why would the latter save the former? On the other hand, if the beast starts a family, if his offspring sympathize with Bobo, Bibi and Bibu, we have a good reason to bring our hero into the picture - even if the truce only lasts as long as a lunch in the sun. From the pencil sketch, the composition proved perfect, for this illustration that highlights a particular problem, drawing juvenile characters: "If I have to rejuvenate a face - schematically, an oval with the nose in the middle - I take the same oval and bring the nose and eyes down. The character takes on more front. Imagine the physiognomy of a puppy or a kitten, and you will understand. I also increase the size of the eyes. To treat a female or a male character, the process is identical."
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