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BATEM MARSUPILAMI Biba (T.28), Marsu Productions 2014 Original plate n°40, prepublished in the Journal de Spirou n°3997 of November 19, 2014. Signed. India ink on paper 36 × 46.3 cm (14.17 × 18.23 in.) A remake of Mars le noir? Better than that. Twenty-five albums earlier, the first confrontation between the two big males was caused by the jealousy of the Marsupilami. This second duel occurs following a misunderstanding between Bobo, the little fighter, Biba - a young female as tough as him - and her parents, Mars and Venus. Bobo's crush on Biba does not help, but the crisis has a happy ending. "Since his first appearance, Mars has evolved," notes Batem. "He got used to the forest. He has started a family. As for me, I have followed a parallel path. I mean, my sets have more moss, lichen and orchids than in the past. It's a question of acquired culture: when I drew Biba, I had just returned from a trip to Guyana where nature had captivated me. I must also admit that I had more time to devote to my designs. In front of my drawing table, time has always been my Achilles heel. Here is a magnificent plate. Full of movement, super dynamic layout. The friendly Marsupilami is present in each frame. Black masses well distributed. A very representative board of Batem's talent. A board that I would like to have the pleasure to see hanging on the wall in my studio. Turk
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