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BATEM MARSUPILAMI Marsu Productions Une occasion en or, original illustration made in 2009, for an exhibition L'Automobile dans la BD in Stavelot (Belgium) in 2009-2010. Signed. India ink on paper 29.7 × 21 cm (11.67 × 8.27 in.) The car that our friends are watching over is the old Ford from the album Fordlandia. Batem used it for the exhibition L'Automobile dans la BD, held in Stavelot (province of Liège) in 2009. In drawings or photos, the Ford was next to Gil Jourdan's Dauphine, Spirou and Fantasio's Turbotraction, Gaston's Fiat 509 and many others... including André Franquin's last car, a Lancia Thema engraved in Batem's heart. Franquin had shown it to him in the garage that he had to cross to reach his workshop, saying: "It will be for you if you want. It's my first expensive car. The accountant explained to me that buying it would make me money. Personally, I don't think it makes sense." When Batem needed a car, he reminded Franquin of his offer. But Franquin hesitated. Liliane Franquin convinced her husband, who gave up his big turbocharged roadster with leather interior for €2,000 - a gift. Unfortunately, the beautiful Lancia became capricious: "It stopped for no apparent reason," says Batem. "I would call the dealer. He would start it again with a turn of the key. And I couldn't get it running again! Finally, the car was sold to a comic book collector: "The service book had handwritten notes from Franquin: the guy was ecstatic!" smiles Batem - who prefers to return to his illustration, where the little Marsupilamie, perched on the radiator of the old Ford, imitates the graceful Spirit of Ecstasy of the Rolls-Royce.
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