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BATEM MARSUPILAMI Batem, a life in drawings, Dupuis 2021 Goodbye nap..., original illustration realized in 2016. Signed. Acrylic on paper 89.9 × 65.7 cm (35.39 × 25.87 in.) At first glance, nothing more than parents watching their three little ones cavort near a friendly snake... But why do they look worried? The jaguar is not in their field of vision, and we know who wins the games anyway. So? Batem, who knows his Marsupilami better than anyone, explains: "The male is more upset than worried. Look at his conquering pose. The female, less frightened than interloqued, was obviously waiting... The couple was going to take advantage of a moment of solitude to make work of flesh, even to devote themselves to erotic variations! The unexpected arrival of the little ones broke the magic." The snake with the suggestive tongue would thus be the Tempter of the garden of Eden? And the jaguar with the wrathful eyes, the incarnation of the puritan morals? "Let us not generalize", corrects Batem wisely. "Here as elsewhere, the viewer and the reader are masters of their interpretation." It was the vision of a beautiful stump that inspired the designer to create the setting for this subtle illustration.
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