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7000 - 8000 EUR
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Result : 8 450EUR
BATEM MARSUPILAMI Biba (T.28), Marsu Productions 2014 Original cover. Signed. India ink on paper 30.9 × 39.5 cm (12.17 × 15.55 in.) "Ah, Biba's spots... A crazy job! People used to ask me, 'So, Batem, when are you going to give us a little black Marsupilami with yellow spots?' I used to answer by knocking on my temple. Much too complicated! Already, Bobo and Mars are not entirely black, since they require reflections to take volume. And it should be noted that Biba is a baby. Sure, on this cover, she's big, but even when drawing at one and a half times the print size, she's often no bigger than a centimeter. I had thought of going back to white, with gouache, to show the spots on the black fur. But on my mixture of Indian ink and acrylic ink, which gives a glossy finish, the gouache did not stick. In the end, all of Biba's stains were cut out by hand. I had to cut the spaces with a razor to get a clean outline. But you'll agree that the result was worth it."
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