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BATEM MARSUPILAMI Marsu Productions Family portrait with flowers, original illustration made in 2017. Signed. Watercolor on paper 50 × 65 cm (19.69 × 25.59 in.) With the dynamics and elegant framing of a snapshot on the fly, this view of the nest is a model of its kind. The Marsupilamie arranges flowers as her companion looks on in admiration and hands her a bouquet. The little one - now adorned with her black spots - catches a butterfly. Her yellow brother seems less childish than usual while Bobo, her black brother with a corolla, looks for once discomfited. "The scene comes directly from an album, probably The Butterfly of the Peaks," says Batem. "But this type of work, I do it from the head, without reference. To force myself to renew myself. Not to duplicate the same scenes. And then, I have so many sketches in dedications! Moreover, such illustrations are of a format definitely larger than the plates of albums. They allow the characters to breathe, to open their wings - and me too! A text about my friend Luc Batem? With great pleasure, I love his work, but thinking about it, I fear that what I would say could be accused of bias, blindness, and why not - by overestimating myself - of nepotism. I would not like to take the risk that - private joke showing our long intimacy - "my friend-buddy Batem" could be served by my enthusiasm that some could judge suspicious, under the very pretext of this friendship. So, I will not write this tribute, at least personally, and I will leave room for someone whose objectivity is unassailable and whose word is much more consistent than mine " Luc, almost 40 years ago, I chose him, I trained him, I launched him, I followed him, I adored him And he flew alone, on his own wings Say, have you seen his latest illustrations ? Superb, no ? So there! I really don't regret my choice! Thank you, Mister Franquin, for having granted us a few precious moments of your immortal eternity! Have a good sale, friend Luc. Marc Hardy
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