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BATEM MARSUPILAMI Chiquito Paradiso (T.22), Marsu Productions 2009 Original cover. Signed. India ink on paper 27.6 × 34.6 cm (10.87 × 13.62 in.) This is the first cover with a close-up of the Marsupilami: placed like this, he makes the link between the reader and the story. Nine albums earlier, the same logic of impact had been implemented for the Parade of the Jaguar, but in a less affirmed way. Because this work stands out from the rest. Note the smile of the Marsupilami, in contrast with his clenched fist: his openness to the world is mixed with active anger. This parade of animals - sometimes in pairs, but not always - does not embark on a Noah's Ark. It escapes from the zoo-prison of Felicia Devort, the evil platinum blonde maniac of greenwashing. "In fact, Chiquito Paradiso was the first of our albums to feature a WWF sticker," says Batem. "In the same spirit, we were also the first to print on FSC paper, certifying that it is made from responsibly sourced fiber. Others have followed." Talking about Batem and his creations is always a real pleasure It's like tasting a glass of chilled Chablis, as cool as his country in winter, as blonde as his wavy hair, as rich as his work What I love about his work is the abundance of detail, the life he gives to all his scenes, Luc Batem has understood this and shows it through the pages of Marsupilami. And, in addition to his black and white pages, he develops for his pleasure and ours also a real talent of painter. His paintings taking up known works (like the one of Magritte) and declining them in the universe of the Marsupilami or paintings on the jungle of Colombia and its inhabitants, give an additional palette to his work. Thank you Luc for all that and I advise the readers of this catalog to take the time, to have fun to detail the drawings, the paintings, the original plates which are offered to their glance Serge Carrère
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