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BATEM MARSUPILAMI The Baby from the end of the world (T.2), Marsu Productions 1988 Original plate n°38. Signed. India ink on paper 35.7 × 46.7 cm (14.06 × 18.39 in.) On the previous plate of the album, Batem had used the scratch card to represent a firework. Here he uses a forgotten technique to depict the smoke of the explosion: "This is the legendary Schoeller paper. We all used it. Its four superimposed layers made it possible to avoid the use of gouache during a rework: it was enough to scrape off a layer and to start again on a virgin support. Here, for boxes two to four, I worked with a brush; it deposits less ink than the pen. If the designer talks about this mythical medium in the past tense, it is because Schoeller paper is no longer manufactured. "Some colleagues had even put themselves in a pool to beg the industrialist to relaunch his machines for cash, but nothing was done. It's from this album that Franquin and I started to really let go. And to tell Liliane Franquin, in the evening, about our discoveries, disputing the paternity.
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