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BATEM MARSUPILAMI Red monster (T.21), Marsu Productions 2008 Original cover. Signed. India ink on paper 26.4 × 33.5 cm (10.39 × 13.19 in.) None of the characters in this beautifully cut original are looking at the reader. All are captivated by the red monster - in the literal inhuman sense - that gives the album its title. "For the cover to make its impact, I asked the colorist to turn all the blacks in the original into brown, to bring out the yellow coat of the Marsupilami," says Batem. "Likewise, the blue highlights on little Bobo's black coat." Despite the purity of the result, strong details teem: humanoid and non-humanoid skulls, hanging from the branches as well as from the belt of Omer Houston, famous zoologist (whose name it is advisable to pronounce with a French accent). "During the dedications, Bobo appeals to children because he is different and shows an almost adult vigor," continues the cartoonist. "And if I stick him in the arms of the Marsupilamie, I plunge into ecstasy all the mothers of the bookstore or festival hosting the signing."
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