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BATEM MARSUPILAMI Robinson Academy (T.18), Marsu Productions 2005 Original cover. Signed. India ink on paper 26 × 33.6 cm (10.24 × 13.23 in.) Hungry, disillusioned, depressed, three Robinson Academy contestants are roasting a piece of berry fruit. Two others are carved out in the background. Delighted as a savior, the Marsupilami brings them victuals, piranhas included - in defiance of the rules of a reality show he hates as much as alcohol, guns, and deprivation of liberty. "With its forced contrasts, this black-and-white original speaks as well as its final coloring," says Batem. "The fire gives the faces a shape. As for the Marsupilami, if his coat stands out so well, it is in defiance of logic, since it is not touched by the light of the flames. But I decided here to cheat with the night: the hero must imperatively impose himself at first sight. An album cover is like an article title. It must make you want to dive into the story - with one big difference: you have to spot it right away on the display. And first of all by a spot of clarity."
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