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PIERRE JOUBERT Original cover of the 1954 reprint of the novel La Mort d'Éric written by Serge Dalens in the collection Signe de Piste. Signed. Gouache on paper 44.5 × 28.5 cm (17.52 × 11.22 in.) This novel by Serge Dalens closes the saga of Prince Eric. On his eighteenth birthday, the young prince, who has joined the French army to fight against Nazism, is killed in the Battle of Dunkirk. The illustration is a striking portrait of France in May 1940. During the exodus, Eric meets poor people exhausted with despair. The French soldier watching him pass by is unshaven and exhausted; in his eyes there is already the resignation that would lead the French army to the armistice a few weeks later. On the other hand, Eric has the proud look of those who do not surrender. But he will be dead in a few moments Jean-François Vivier Pierre Joubert drew my childhood. The people of the collection "La Vie privée des hommes", the scouts of the novels "Signe de piste", the coats of arms of a beautiful work on the art of heraldry... Many of the books I opened as a child, I no longer look at today, other images discovered later have ended up eclipsing them. But not Joubert. I still frequently flip through the book of coats of arms or the one on the history of Mont Saint-Michel, looking for the documentary precision as much as the breath of adventure, in its always dynamic and powerful illustrations. The writing, solid, is never frozen, the models do not seem forced to "hold" a pose, one feels that they could move in the moment. These are rare qualities. Armel Gaulme
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