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PIERRE JOUBERT New guide to heraldry, Ouest-France 1977 Original illustration. Signed. Gouache on paper 33.4 × 48.5 cm (13.15 × 19.09 in.) Heraldry has always been one of Pierre Joubert's great passions. As early as the 1930s, it appeared in many of his drawings. In 1947, he took the plunge and published, as author and illustrator, a complete work devoted to the subject, Les Lys et les lions, which was a consensus among connoisseurs. Thirty years later, the album having been out of print for a long time, the Ouest-France publishing house reissued the work in a different form. For the occasion, the printing techniques having evolved, Joubert redid all the illustrations in gouache. This one represents the arms of the House of Montmorency. Jean-François Vivier I admired Pierre Joubert's drawings and illustrations at the age when the images speak louder than the name of the author, the age when the name Lucky Luke is more important than that of Morris and Goscinny. When those innocent times were lost, I discovered that the great gouaches on the scouts, on the navy or on the history books were the work of Pierre Joubert. His incredible productivity with this level of quality make him an unavoidable master of illustration. To have exchanged on this subject with Yann Lepennetier, Emmanuel Lepage or Jean-Louis Mourier, I know that my deep admiration is a widely and rightly shared thing. His Chevalier de Montmorency, presented here, gives an account of the epic power that this great artist was able to instill. Riff Reb's This is a drawing very dear to my heart. For it is the one that Pierre Joubert was working on in May 1977, the first time I met him. The pencil drawing was done and he had already put the colors of the sky and the rider with gouache. How can I forget that moment and the vision of this magnificent illustration in the making? What strength in the image of this heroic rider that stands out against the tormented sky. And yet, as always, despite the darkness of the subject, there are these luminous hues, and those even more vivid of the medieval coat of arms that he loved so much. A splendor. Memorable. Patrice Pellerin
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