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ANDRÉ JUILLARD FEATHER IN THE WIND Neither God nor Devil (T.4), Dargaud 2002 Original plate n°44. Signed. India ink and colored inks on paper 35.8 × 47 cm (14.09 × 18.5 in.) Plume au vent marked the return of André Juillard to the Seven Lives of the Hawk cycle. A return full of nostalgia, whose flavor can be found in this magnificent plate in direct colors, especially since it is the last volume of this cycle, a farewell in a way. We find Juillard's ingenious drawing, a summit of classicism, which shows that the Ligne claire is not just a series of conventional signs that should be apealed, but that it is possible to develop a personal and immediately recognizable drawing. And then there is all the talent of Juillard as a watercolorist, this peaceful winter landscape as can be found in certain Flemish paintings, and this arrival at the ruined castle, symbol of a lineage fallen into disgrace. Great art. Back home, after years of adventures overseas. I like to draw the Auvergne, it's my home, the ruins too and the spiral staircases, despite, or because of, their complications. Léonard Langue Agile reappears here and the picture is complete. In the ravaged manor, he is invisible to the common man, but not to the "initiated" such as Beau who explains himself to him on the next page. André Juillard
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