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ANDRÉ JUILLARD THE 7 LIVES OF THE SPARROWHAWK ... What is this world ? (T.13), Dargaud Original cover of Casemate n°143 of February 2021. Signed. India ink and colored inks on paper 23.5 × 26.5 cm (9.25 × 10.43 in.) A magnificent portrait of Ariane de Troïl, the heroine of The Seven Lives of the Sparrowhawk, whose splendid green eyes, filled with reproach, dart at the viewer. The pout that is printed on her face translates the disgust of the abject massacre she has just witnessed. We are in the middle of the Wars of Religion, which will end only in the Age of Enlightenment, a hundred years later. Ariadne, ahead of her time, cannot understand this murderous obscurantism. The composition of the drawing is particularly remarkable: all the obliques of the drawing converge towards this disapproving expression, while the black pourpoint contrasts with the day, bathed in a soft light. I regretted that this drawing was not the cover of ...What is this world? Ariane's expression says what the title means. André Juillard
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